How much money should I bring? Are credit cards accepted?

Our 2-day Mt. Fuji tours include all transportation and lodging costs plus dinner on day 1 and breakfast on day 2*. During the in season, you will only be required to provide for yourself 2 lunches, as well as snacks for the climb. If you wish to buy food on the mountain, the average cost for lunch is around ¥1,000. We recommend you buy snacks before hand as prices are extremely inflated once on Mt. Fuji.

If you are only planning to spend money on lunch then ¥3,000 will be sufficient. If you wish to also buy souvenirs it would be wise to bring at least ¥5000. You must bring cash, as mountain huts on Fuji do not accept credit card. 

*During the off season, lunch on day 1 is also be included.

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