What is the fastest route to Kyoto/Osaka from Mt. Fuji?

The fastest route to Kyoto from Mt. Fuji, is via Gotenba train station. Gotenba train station is best accessed from the Subashiri, Fujinomiya and the Gotenba trails. From Gotenba, travel by train to Mishima station, from where the shinkansen departs for Kyoto. If descending the Yoshida trail to Subaru line 5th station, the best option is to travel to Shinjuku by highway bus and connect to the bullet train from Tokyo or Shinagawa station. 

If you are a participant on one of our in season or off season 2-day Mt. Fuji tour, we offer the option of a Gotenba station drop off. You can select the option of getting dropped off at Gotenba station during the tour booking process. 
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