The difference between FMG's off season and in season two day tours

The main difference between our off season and in season tour is a shorter day 1 and longer day 2. Rather then watch the sunrise from the summit, during our off season climb, we will watch the sunrise from outside our mountain hut at 3,000 meters, before heading up to the summit of Mt. Fuji. 

With a lack of facilities open on Mt. Fuji after mid September, climbing at night to reach the summit in time for the sunrise, is no longer a very safe option. For this reason we take a more relaxed approach to climbing Mt. Fuji in the off season. Starting the climb on day 1 from the Subashiri 5th station after lunch, the group makes its way up to the 7th station (3,000 meters), an estimated 3-4 hour climb. Day two is a 3-4 hour climb to the summit and another 3-4 hour descent back down to the 5th station. You will enjoy almost empty climbing trails as well as a more spacious sleeping quarters during our off season two day tour. 

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