Climbing Fuji with your kids

In the past, FMG has had children as young as 6 join our 2-Day Mt. Fuji tour. With younger children, we find that climbing Fuji tends to be more of a mental challenge then it is physical. Most children generally tend to be active and naturally have the energy needed to make it to the summit of Mt. Fuji. What tends to be the greatest challenge for parents, is being able to draw out this energy from your child. It is important to keep the level of excitement in climbing as high as possible for as long as possible. Once the mental walls begin to build and a child loses interest in the climb, it is very difficult to convince him/her to climb any further (whether they have the energy for it or not). 

If your child has experience in the outdoors and is excited to climb, this will play a major role in your kids ability to reach the summit. As mentioned above, if they're not mentally into it, then there could be problems. In the event of problems though, there are many mountain huts where we can drop off struggling participants and pick them back up on the way down. So if you thought before hand that your child was up for it, but it isn't working, then its not a trip ruiner. 

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