I have special food requirements, what are my options?

For our In-Season Tours (June 25-Sept 8) the below applies:

  • If you're a vegetarian, we can work with that for dinner. Dinner has the options of curry rice or a vegetarian stew on rice. For breakfast, the only food offered, all has some kind of meat or fish-base. You could order plain white rice if you brought your own toppings, but other than that, there are no other options. 
  • If you're a pescetarian (someone who is a vegetarian + fish), you can eat the vegetarian dinner and have noodles with a fish-broth base for breakfast.
  • If you have any other requirements such as vegan, there are no options on Mt. Fuji for you and you'll need to bring your own supplies. 

For our Off-Season Tours (Sept 9-Oct 15), the below applies: 

Our options in the off season are more restrictive. Dinner and breakfast are a set menu that can't be changed. Dinner is rice, a small amount of pickled vegetables, a chunk of beef and a pork-based soup. 

Breakfast is rice, fish, a few strips of seaweed and fish-based miso soup. 

With advanced notice of your dietary needs, we can provide a vegetarian based curry for you to bring up with you, which the mountain hut staff will heat up and serve with white rice. 




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