I'm having problems with my rental reservation--do I really need to check out after adding each item?

When making a rental reservation, sometimes it looks like you have to pay for each item separately, then go back and start all over again. This would be a huge hassle if you're wanting to rent 5 different things. 

However, you can combine all of your rental reservations into one payment very easily. 

After accessing the rental page here, click "Pick Date" and choose your tour date. Find the item you want and click the green "Book" button, you'll then be prompted to enter some basic information before clicking "Next".

On the following page you'll see a summary of what you've ordered. Instead of clicking "Next" on this page, click "Add Another Item". This will take you back to the rentals page where you can add another item to your basket.

To review: Rentals page > Pick Date > click "Book" next to the item you want > enter basic information > click "Add another item".

When you're ready to pay for your items click the "Checkout" button.  

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