When is the best season to climb Mt. Fuji based on weather?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to predict when is the best weather window for climbing Mt. Fuji. The main factor which may prohibit a climb from going forward, is strong wind, which predominantly is caused by a typhoon. Typhoons are known to hit Japan whether it is June, July, August, September or October. Trips will not be cancelled due to rain although again, it is difficult to predict when it will and when it won't rain, as there are no completely dry months here in Japan. Each year it is different, but typically the Japanese rainy season is considered to be mid June-mid July. Some years August will get more rain than July, some years September will get the most; it is very unpredictable! Historically August is probably your best bet, but please understand, any date you choose is a bit of a roll of the dice. That being said, we usually will only have to cancel 1-3 trips a year out of the 30-40 trips we lead each summer.

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